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Over the past few weeks I have been researching different ways of giving my students practical ways of experimenting with audio outside of class time. The end result will be more fulfilling homework’s and extension tasks for them to get stuck into. Below is a list of some of the best online audio tools, but please be aware that the web audio api is relatively new so is improving all of the time:


online synth – Simple online synth


online music tech training software – Is a fantastic tool for getting your students experimenting with synthesis


online audio tools – An online multi oscillator synth


web audio api – Online analouge AM synthesizer


online ring modulator – Online Ring modulator


online tape looping – Online tape loops


online mixing audio Online channel strip to demonstrate volume, panning and 3 band analogue EQ. With this music tech app you can load up an audio track add experiment with basic mixing techniques. This could be useful when demonstrating a traditional analogue mixing desk.






online web audio vocoder – Online Vocoder


web audio drum machine – Online Drum Machine


online web audio mixing decks – Online Record decs / turntables


online midi and audio sequencer – Online Sequencer with a good amount of functionality for basic and intermediate tasks


the best online audio tools – Probably the most professional and fully featured online audio / midi software 


online audio touchpad


synthesis node editor -Understand synthesis and audio routing with this simple node editor


online audio pitch correction – Online Audio Pitch Detector. This will be good for a few jobs e.g Tuning a guitar, working out tunes and harmonies and identifying note mistakes that need correcting


online web theremin – Online touch pad that is reminiscent of a Theremin type of sound


Online web audio mixing desk – Simple online mixing desk with volume, panning mute and solo buttons. This online audio app gives the students the ideal opportunity to experiment with mixing audio tracks.


ADSR online widget – With this ADSR widget it is possible to experiment with the various configurations of envelopes and sound shaping.


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