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Audio Sampling Resources

Audio Sampling and digital audio is the corner stone to all modern music productions and understanding the theory behind it can sometimes leave more questions unanswered than answered. With that in mind this article aims at bring together a few different …

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Introduction to Sound ~ The Basics

What Is Sound & How does it Work? Sound is a wave that is created through pressure transmitted from a medium such as air or water and is composed of frequencies which are within the range of human hearing (20 …

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The development of the samplers from the 1980s

Discuss the development of samplers and how they shaped the direction of popular Music in the 80’s. The last time this question came up in the edexcel music technology A2 exam was in 2010, The question was worded as follows: …

Cubase – Legato articulation, Groove Agent sampling

More Fantastic video tutorials from Point Blank: Tutorial 1: Sampling in Groove Agent (6mins) Tutorial 2: legato Articulation (2mins)