What is music technology?

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Music Technology, which can also be referred to as music tech or music production is the fastest growing subject area of music. Music tech has been rapidly expanding as a subject over the past fifteen years and can open many doors to a career in music.

Music production is a specialist subject and just because you’re a good musician doesn’t automatically make you a good producer or engineer; it takes many years of hard work and dedication to become a seasoned professional.

To begin learning about music production you need some understanding of the following areas:

  • Microphones and microphone placement
  • Recording equipment
  • MIDI
  • Synthesis
  • Mixing
  • Dynamic processing
  • EQ and filters
  • Panning
  • Depth of field
  • Effects
  • Mastering

After you have learnt the above skills you might be interested in the opportunity’s that become available, these jobs include but are not limited to:

  • Studio Runner
  • Studio assistant
  • Recording Engineer
  • Mixing Engineer
  • Record Producer
  • Radio Producer
  • Re-mix Engineer
  • Mastering Engineer
  • Song Writer
  • Composer
  • Jingle Writer
  • Foley Artist

Hopefully this has given you some insight into the study of music technology.


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