Top 10 Music Technology resources

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music tech resourcesWhat are the best resources for music tech? There are a handful of resources that I use time and again when teaching A level GCE music technology. So here are my top ten resources for teaching and learning music technology:



  1. – Digital Audio Principles: 8 hours of video training ranging from the pure basics to how to mix and produce a record
  2. Foundations of Audio: Compression and Dynamic Processing: Basic to advances video tutorials
  3. – Foundations of Audio: EQ and Filters: Basic to advances video tutorial
  4. AS and A2 Exam and coursework resources for the current (GCE 2008) specification
  5. Edexcel AS Music Technology Revision Guide: This book has got a lot of useful information on exam technique and revision information for helping answer questions from section A and B of the exam
  6. Pop Music: The Text Book and Pop Music: Question & Answer Book for Teachers and Students: The history and development for music technology doesn’t get any more informed
  7. this is a fantastic website for finding out about and listen to music from various artists and genres
  8. Paul Whites ‘The basics’ book series: This is an in-depth series of books from ‘the man’ ‘the myth, ‘the legend’ Paul White on everything music tech
  9. Music Tech Magazine: Is worth purchasing the back issues as there are lots of articles on various aspects of the history of music technology and the development of music technology
  10. Mac pro has lots of training videos on various aspects of music tech but most importantly the series on how to use the various DAW’s on the market

This list should help you get started with learning the art and getting your students up to scratch and ready to take their exams and progress to the world of work.

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