The 5 Pillars of A Level Music Technology Assessment

The 5 Pillars of Assessment

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Google Classroom for ALevel Music Technology

I’ve got some good news for all you guys interested in a full course demonstrating how to use Google Classroom for A Level Music Technology assessment and reporting. Starting next week, we will be building the first of two courses to get you up ran running with this fantastic platform.

In this video, we set out our aims and goals for this project focusing on the five pillars of assessment – Data, Progress, Reporting, Analysis and Consistency.

Recording Data

A filing system that holds all media files, any size and accessible from anywhere:

  • Setting up regular assignments which are easily marked
  • Upload and store large files – Audio, Video, Text
  • Accessible and easy to view, edit and review
  • Everything in one place – Hand-ins, Grades, comments
  • Data is private and secure 

Student Progress

Evidence should show the full picture for how a student and class are performing:

  • If a student hands in work it gets marked as soon as possible
  • Understand if a student can meet deadlines
  • A clear understanding of the quality of the students work
  • Is a student struggling to follow instructions
  • Can a student problem solve and overcome issues independently


The evidence recorded needs to be used and accessed at the drop of a hat for:

  • Reporting if a student is failing to meet expectations
  • Reporting if a student is exceeding expectations
  • Reporting to line manager, parents and students
  • Used for termly and yearly written parents reports
  • Used for parents evening and parent interviews


When multiple pieces of evidence are collected you should be able to look at it from different perspectives:

  • Whole class performance overview
  • Individual student performance overview
  • A percentage overview of the students yearly progression
  • Per assignment percentage of class average
  • How many assignments students have missed or scored poorly in and why


Transparency is key to realising you have a problem and dealing with it early:

  • Everyone gets the same information – Parents, students
  • Comments are openly viewable and relevant to the assignment
  • Parents can be kept in the loop
  • Evidence can be referenced quickly
  • Teachers can demonstrate SoW and lesson plans
  • Time stamps on all work, comments and marking

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