Task 3A: Muse Madness

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In this post, we will look at one of the songs for this years Task 3A (2014) Muses Madness. A huge thank you to itssam for scribing the score and writing the first of the production notes for Muse’s Madness as attached below. Please feel free to contribute production notes and score improvements in the comment section below.

*Please be aware that this is not the official score and production notes for the Muse Madness song and are not a substitute for you listening to the piece and working out the full details yourself. The score and notes should only be used as a guide to help you inform your own opinions and decision making.


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  1. Hi,

    just a quick correction about the production notes…

    you have said: Sampling, loops and the use of MIDI tracks is not allowed.

    The spec clearly states, and I quote; “students may use a range of available sound sources and programming techniques. These could include GM soundsets, hardware/ software sound modules and synthesisers, audio loops and samples, virtual studio instruments and sample libraries.” (pg 51 Exam Spec 2007)

    Contrary to your advice it is actively encouraged that students will use MIDI, sampling and audio integration within the task as long as all samples and loops are referenced in the logbook.

    Hope this clarifies for yours and other centres.

    1. Author

      Thanks for noticing this error it has now been corrected. Task 3A 2013 spec reads:

      You may use sampling to replicate production techniques where appropriate, though you must not sample the original recording.

      • You must be in sole charge of the recording process from capture of audio to mixdown. Sharing of audio files between candidates is not permitted.

      • You must input all sequenced data by playing or programming the parts yourself.

      • You must not use any MIDI files downloaded from the internet or copied from any other source.

      • You must not use pre-programmed audio or MIDI loops in this task.

      • You must not sample audio from any version of the stimuli.

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