Task 3A: Hot Chip – Ready for the Floor (SCORE)

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In this post, we will look at one of the songs for this years Task 3A (2015) Hot Chip’ ‘Ready for the Floor’. This score & production notes has been scribed by itssaam for MusicTechStudent.

Please feel free to contribute production notes and score improvements in the comment section below.

*Please be aware that this is not the official score and production notes for Hot Chip’ song and is not a substitute for you listening to the piece and working out the full details yourself. The score and notes should only be used as a guide to help you inform your own opinions and decision making.


Full Score

Download Task 3A - Ready for the Floor Score

Production Notes

Download Task 3A - Ready for the Floor Production Notes


Note: Improvements will be updated & notified in this post.
Scores last updated: 08/10/2014

Production notes updated: 16/10/2014

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