Task 1C – 2011-12 check list

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This is a working documents and will be constantly updated… (Watch this space)

Question 10. Identify the most important features of your chosen style (Rock ‘n’ Roll)

  • Instrumentation
  • Structure
  • Tempo
  • Key and Chord structure
  • Scale (Blues) D F G G# A C D
  • Stop time
  • Heavy snare
  • Vocals on top of the mix
  • Piano Improv
  • Swung drum patterns
  • A finished recording that you can dance to
  • Walking Bass line

Question 9:

  • Instrumentation
  • Vocal on top of the mix
  • String pad > brass
  • Drums > new drum kit old rhythms heavy snare
  • Bass > double bass
  • Keyboard
  • Tempo to match rock n roll
  • Key to match Kylie
  • Chords to rock n roll
  • Structure to match rock n roll

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