Google Classroom for A Level Music Technology

Better Assessment and Reporting

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Are you interested in a course that demonstrates how to use Google Classroom in context with A Level Music Technology?

For the past two years, I’ve been exploring Google Classrooms to facilitate all of my student assessment, reporting and recording of data and have found it fast and efficient. But to be fair, there are a few workflow issues that you need to get your head around to truly understand how this software can fulfil all areas of this process.

A Level Music Technology Reporting and Assessment Google Classroom

Some of the things I like about this system include:

  • The ease for students to hand in assessment materials
    Keeping track of students that miss deadlines and being able to give them a suitable deduction or consolation
  • Giving grades and feedback are all in one place and moving from one student to the next is easy.
  • Size of files can be significant and stored safely and securely on the same page as the grade and feedback
  • A single spreadsheet for all of the grades that can be auto-generated with a summary percentage the next time you have to run an interim or summative report
  • Pull up all of the data on an individual student at the click of a button, which is fantastic for parents evenings and get around a few privacy issues
  • Time-stamped reporting that tells students and parents when the work was handed in and when it got marked, excellent if a student tries to blame others for their failings
  • Feedback and an open dialogue attached to each assessment, which can track all conversations with students for future analysis if necessary. My students are no longer allowed to email me regarding work; all comments have to be submitted to the appropriate assignment (This has been a lifesaver this year).
A Level Music Technology Google Classroom

As well as all of these benefits, we also have a mission to give you the resources you need to get started. Vote for this project to be built, and I intend to develop two courses, one for how to use Google Classroom for A Level Music Technology and the second to give you the resources you need to populate your classroom once you get underway.

If you want to see these courses built, give us a comment below before the 15th of August, and this will be added as a vote for this project to go ahead.


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      Thank you, This course has now got the go ahead. Lots of planning this week and if all goes well I will start delivering the course content next week.

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