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AS Summer Task Part 2: Sequence Colourless Colour

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Using Cubase (PC and Mac) / Logic Pro (Mac only) or other sequencing software Recreate the song ‘Colourless colour’ by La Roux using only MIDI (no audio), a score is attached and the song can be found on youtube.com. All that is needed for this task is a computer and a copy of Cubase.


Downloading and installing Cubase Elements 6:

  • Create an account on this page: https://www.steinberg.net/en/mysteinberg.html (you don’t and shouldn’t give your real name and age)
  • login to your account
  • On the next page scroll down to Trial versions and click
  • On the next page click on the Cubase Elements 6 trail version link
  • Click on the download and activate button
  • Copy your activation code and click on the appropriate Cubase download link
  • Download and install
  • Use your activation code to use the 30 day trial


On the first week of term we will be listening to your version, so you will need to bring your working Cubase file with you.


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