A Level Music Technology Areas of study overview

A Level Music Technology Areas of study overview

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Based on a discussion with my students, it’s become apparent that they are aware of the four components for the A Level Music Technology course, but very few of them know or can identify the elements/areas of study that construct them.

To better support the students, this year, I will be giving them a copy of the three areas of study. The mission is to get them to check off the specific topics as they feel they have built up enough knowledge and understanding. I feel that this would greatly benefit the year 13s become more organised and proactive with their studies – https://musictechstudent.co.uk/a-level-music-technology-2017-9mt/

As well as this, we have also been busy at work creating new courses and content to better help students prepare and complete the A-Level in Music Technology. This includes new courses for Logic Pro X, Ableton and Pro Tools – https://musictechstudent.co.uk/music-technology-courses/

In the Teacher’s Area, we have also been hard at work creating new lesson plans and content to help teachers deliver the A Level in Music Technology course – https://musictechstudent.co.uk/a-level-music-technology-teacher/

A Level Music Technology Areas of study

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