AS Music Technology 08 specification resits 2018

AS Music Technology Exam Revision Sessions 2018 (08 spec resits)

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AS Music Technology Revision Sessions

AS Music Technology (08 Specification resits) Exam Dates: Thursday 24th May 2018 (PM)


On the lead up to the AS music tech exam, we will be running revision sessions to help students with their AS music technology listening and analysing exam preparations.


This event starts on Saturday 12th May 2018

The aim of these sessions are to cover all of the areas of study that you will need to be able to successfully complete for the AS Music Technology exam. Our intention is to focus on a new topic each session and to go over the core aspects of the exam.


Each session, starts with some general information regarding the topic with some useful links for you to do further research and experimentation. These are then followed by a set of revision cards and then consolidated with a quiz, test or worksheet.
Please Note: Due to popular demand we have published all of the below revision sessions early. This will allow you to either take the day by day revision sessions or start them as and when you need them. Thank you all for your feedback and I hope this helps with your studies.


Saturday 12th May revision Session Preparing for the AS music technology exam and exam techniques.


Sunday 13th May revision Session – Listening and Analysing to music, Pitch, Rhythm Chords and intervals.


Monday 14th May revision Session – Music Theory


Tuesday 15th May revision Session – Section B Focused Style: Heavy Rock (2017 – 18)


Wednesday 16th May revision Session – Section B Focused Style: Ska, Reggae and Dub (2017 – 18)


Thursday 17th May revision Session – General Knowledge of Popular Music Styles


Friday 18th May revision Session – Microphones and Recording Techniques


Saturday 19th May revision Session – Mixing and Audio Production


Sunday 20th May revision Session – Understanding Synthesis and Digital Audio Theory


Monday 21st May revision Session – Electronic Instruments, Amps and MIDI


Tuesday 22nd May revision Session – Music Production Effects


Wednesday 23rd May revision session – Final preparations


Good luck with your exam guys and remember to stay calm and do your best.



  1. Hello, I downloaded the 2016 AS past paper from your website but I can’t remember where. I didn’t download the mark scheme however. Do you have the link to the 2016 AS mark scheme? Thank you and please reply as soon as possible.

    1. Author

      We are not permitted to supply the mark schemes for these exam papers. If you talk to your teacher, they can download these for you directly from the Edexcel website.

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