The Music Tech Teacher area is aimed at getting new teachers of the music technology subject started fast. Teaching Music Technology: We want to put top quality resources, research and advice in your hands from the beginning so that you have no worries about delivering this subject to your students, without waisting crucial time on research and development.

We’ve all been where you are now.

Over the last five years you have got your degree in music or music production and you’ve obtained your teachers qualification and a whole lot of experience along the way. All of a sudden you find your self in front of a group of A Level music tech students doubting your abilities and competence to teach the subject. This is not a new feeling.

The reason you are felling this way is not that you can’t do it, it’s because you have to find a place to begin and also having to teach it to the specification that at times can be unforgiving.


That’s why we are here 

Having people to turn to in your hour of need is so important and as music tech is such a specialist teaching subject this help is often hard to find or expensive. Contact us any time and our team will do its best to help whether you are a member of music tech student or not.


Music Tech Teacher Resources 

Our resources have been created by our team and it’s community, have a look around and let us know how we are doing.



Enjoy and let us know if there is anything you need.

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