Ultrabeat – Overview

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Ultrabeat - Drum Design

Lesson Overview

Understanding the layout of the Ultrabeat instrument
Preset management in Ultrabeat is different to some of the plugins like the EXS24 in that it does not display a built in preset menu, they are however located in the wrapper that loads with the plugin and can be accessed by enabling the black bar at the top of the plugin.

Ultrabeat is the drum machine provided with logic pro, it has the ability to create fully synthesised percussion sounds using two specially designed oscillators. While OSC 2 can also support loading of samples.

Ultrabeats layout can be misleading as it is not presented in a format of left to right top to bottom. instead the channel at the left hand side of the plugin run bottom to top with the bottom section being for sequencing and programming of synthesis modulation.

The oscillators are defined by a red background and run top to bottom of OSC1 Noise and OSC2, these are all linked together by a filter section, This is coloured silver and allows each oscillators single flow to pass into it independently
The signal flow continues through this filter/distortion module and on to the right where we have a final output volume.
  • Task

    When you understand how the signal flow and navigation of the ultra beat plugin works, load up a few different presets and see how each channel is set up. try to gain an understanding of which types of sounds use synthesis and which have been created with accompanying samples.