Task 3A: Monument Specification Overview

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Task 3A: Sequenced Integrated Performance

Stimuli – Monument (The Inevitable End version) (Röyksopp feat. Robyn) from the CD The
Inevitable End, Dog Triumph/Wall Of Sound – DOG013CD

You are required to produce a sequenced integrated realisation using the Monument recording listed above as your stimulus. You must include all vocals, instrumental parts and production features.

  • Monument (Röyksopp)End after the word ‘be’ at 3’10”

This is predominantly an aural task. You may work from a score if you wish, but be aware that scores of rock and pop songs are often incomplete or inaccurate.

  • You should match timbres and performance details as closely as possible to the stimulus.
  • You must record a live performance of the lead vocal part and integrate this into the final mix. The piece may be transposed to a different key to suit the vocal range of the singer. It may be sung by a male or female vocalist.
  • You may record up to three live audio tracks (including lead vocals). Backing vocals may be recorded live, or sequenced using appropriate techniques and timbres.
  • You must be in sole charge of the recording process from capture of audio to mixdown. Sharing of audio files between candidates is not permitted.
  • You must input all sequenced data by playing or programming the parts yourself.
  • You must not use any MIDI files downloaded from the internet or copied from any other source.
  • You must not use pre-programmed audio or MIDI loops in this task.
  • You may use sampling to replicate production techniques.
  • Each sample must consist of only one pitch; any rhythms must be sequenced.
  • Any samples longer than one note will be considered to be an audio track.
  • You must not sample audio from any version of the stimuli.


You should submit your completed performance as track 1 on your Music Technology Portfolio 2 CD.