Task 1A: Miss You Specification

In by phoenixgreen

Recreating Task 1A – Miss You

Using the original James Hersey recording as your stimulus (track 1 from Miss You by James Hersey, Glassnote Entertainment Group. Copyright 2016) make a sequenced realisation of this song, including all vocals, instrumental parts and production features.

You should try to match timbres and performance details as closely as possible to the original recording, but you must substitute an appropriate instrumental timbre for the vocal.

A skeleton score has been included to assist you. However, you are reminded that this is predominantly an aural task.

  • You must input all sequenced data by playing or programming the parts yourself. You must not use any MIDI files downloaded from the internet or copied from any other source.
  • You must not use pre-programmed audio or MIDI loops in this task.
  • You may use sampling to replicate production techniques where appropriate.
  • Each sample must consist of only one pitch; any rhythms must be sequenced.
  • Any samples longer than one note will be considered to be continuous audio and so will not be assessed.
  • You must not sample audio from any commercial version of the stimulus.

You should submit your completed performance as track 1 on your Music Technology Portfolio 1 CD.
(Total for Task 1A = 40 marks)