Sound FX

In by phoenixgreen




In this lesson we will be looking at how to import, synchronise and manipulate sound FX. We will begin using some of Logic Pro’s more advanced tools to help create more dynamic variations. In this lesson you will start to see your soundscape and atmospheres start to take shape.



  • Watch your film trailer and write a list of all of the sound FX needed
  • Create an account and login to
  • Create a folder for all of your sound FX to be downloaded into
  • Import Sound FX and Samples into the sequencer to start creating the environment for the music
  • Synchronise these with your film trailer – Trim and move to get them into the correct position
  • Copy, duplicate, loop samples as needed
  • Adjust and automate volume to get the correct dynamic contrasts



Play what you have to your peers and discuss improvements that should be made before moving on to the next lesson. Possible improvements include:

  • Do you have all the sound FX needed
  • Are the volumes of the FX suitable
  • Have you trimmed all the clips appropriately