Snare Drum Production Help Sheet

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Recording a Snare Drum

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Recording & Mixing


Recording Information

Recording Level: Control and monitor levels high but between -12db to -4db avoiding any clipping
Mic Used: Shure SM57
Mic Type: Dynamic Microphone
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Mic Placement: Place mic towards the top skin about 5cm away. This will need to be near the edge to avoid being hit. Direct the microphone towards the centre adjusting to find the sound you want.
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Mic Position and Capture:

Snare Drum recording and mixing
[/one_half_last] [stylebox] Considerations: Drum tuning and damping to reduce ringing tones
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Mixing a Snare Drum


Insert Effects

compression recipes
light snare drum compression
Threshold: adjust for about 3-6dB gain reduction
Ratio: 4:1
Knee: Hard
Attack: 4ms
Make up gain:+5db to +10db

compression settings for snare drum

Start here to increase the sustain for a thicker snare drum sound
Threshold: adjust for about 6-10dB gain reduction
Ratio: 6:1
Knee: Hard
Attack: 1ms
Make up gain:+5db to +10db

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EQ recipes
Snare Drum EQ Starting point:
Start here for subtle snare drum shaping with mild cut through
Band 1: 150Hz high pass
Band 2: +3dB at 200Hz
Band 3: +4dB at 4.0kHz
Band 4:+4dB at 7.0kHz

EQ settings for a snare drum

Start here for a solid, traditional snare drum sound
Band 1: +5dB at 250Hz
Band 2: +6dB at 2.0kHz
Band 3: +4dB at 5.0kHz
Band 4: +8dB at 10kHz

Start here for a snare drum sound with a thick body and smooth top
Band 1: +6dB at 180Hz
Band 2: +4dB at 250Hz
Band 3: -4dB at 800Hz (adds clarity)
Band 4: +6 at 3.0kHz
Band 4: +8 at 7.0kHz

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Send FX

[alertbox bgcolor=”#4d8a83″ bordercolor=”#345c57″ textcolor=”#ffffff”] Reverb: -13db
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levels and panning for a snare drum


[/one_sixth_last] [stylebox color=”blue”] Panning:
The Snare Drum can be panned centre, or for more space you could pan this right 15 or left 15. The volume of the snare can be set back a little from the bass drum as it will punch through the mix a lot easier.
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