Setting up the drums

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Setting up your drums

For this track it is important that all the drum parts are entered correctly and that all of the rhythm editing is completed fully, your job will be made harder later if you don’t complete these two tasks to a reasonable level at the beginning of the project.

Make sure you separate your drum parts into different tracks this will make it easier to mix and edit your drum parts later or as you go along.

  • Enter drum part in from the score.

  • Create a basic instrument timbre for your drums, tweak and edit this sound but we will come back to it later for further editing once we have more instruments in our sequence

  • Edit the notes to make them more musical and less mechanical, use trim and velocity tools for this

  • Find all of the drum patterns by looping small areas of the original song and colourise them to make it easier to re-use

  • Play the songs audio and watch the piano roll of your drum track, find any errors and correct them

  • Turn down the song track to stop your metres from peaking, other wise you will have no head room for later on

Drum Structure

Some drum notes to get you started

Please note: There are still more notes to find. I have left these off deliberately because this lesson is for getting you up and running and to help you start in the right direction.