Setting Up Your Project

In by phoenixgreen

Get your project started the right way by spending a little time setting up the song information. Things to consider when setting up your project ready to start work on Task 1A – La La La:

  • Temp: Find the correct tempo using a BPM counter
  • Time Signature: Make sure you have the correct time signature through out your piece
  • Instrument Tracks: Create the instrument tracks in your sequencer and label them correctly
  • Structure: Spend a little time working out the structure of the piece, use marker tracks to input this information (Colouring them can make them easier to find later
  • Import the song: Use the correct song to reference against, this will be very important as you progress through this project
  • Synchronise: Sync the song to the marker track and the bars and beats. With this song it is very easy to get this information 100% accurate
  • Saving your project: Label your project files and folders correctly (Task 1A – La La La 1.1)

La La La Setup screen