Setting up your project

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Task 3A - Heartbeats

Lesson overview

There are a couple of things to consider prior to cracking on and delving into the fun recreation of your Task 3A Project – Heartbeats.

Although it sounds very simple, ensure you create a session and know where it is being saved. Call it something sensible such as ‘Task 3A – The Knife – Heartbeats’ or ‘Task 3A – Heartbeats’, this way you’ll know exactly what you’re opening.

Each time you do a save, also do a SAVE AS and call it something new such as ‘Task 3A – Heartbeats – 01 – Adding Drums’ that way, you’ll be able to go back to an updated session that you’ve done without having to start again should you want to change something or go back to a previous edit.

Before even thinking about inputting MIDI data, Import the Original Audio, set your Tempo, Time Signature and Key. Get these right along with the song structure and you’ll be setting yourself up in a very positive way from the get go.

Help yourself – Using these quick setup tools, getting to this point prior to beginning work will really aid your work down the line.

Know the brief. Understand what you’ve been asked to do. Keep referring back to the brief all throughout the process and checking your work. If you’re not sure, ask your tutor or get in touch – we’re happy to help!

  • Create a new project file, folder and save work

  • Save your work as you go e.g. 1.0, 1.1 etc…

  • Setup the tempo of the project, Tempo = 88bpm

  • Set up the key of the piece, Key = Ab Major / F minor

  • Set up the time signature of the piece, Key = 4 / 4

  • Import the song (Miss you) and align so that it is lined up to the grid bar positions

  • Lock your songs audio track to prevent moving

  • Setup empty tracks for each intrument in the score

  • Use the marker track to work out and display the structure of the song

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