Setting up your project

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Setting up your project

Get your project started the right way by spending a little time setting up the song information. Things to consider when setting up your project ready to start work on Task 3A – Singularity:

  • Create a new project file, folder and save work

  • Save your work as you go e.g. 1.0, 1.1 etc…

  • Setup the tempo of the project, Tempo = 141bpm

  • Set up the key of the piece, Key = Dminor or F major

  • Set up the time signature of the piece, Key = 4 / 4

  • Import the song (Singularity) and align so that it is lined up to the grid bar positions

  • Lock your songs audio track to prevent moving

  • Setup empty tracks for each intrument in the score

  • Use the marker track to work out and display the structure of the song

Project Setup

Song Structure