Responding to the brief

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Lesson Overview

This is an example project and designed to include a large number of alternate audio manipulation and editing techniques.
As a result to best demonstrate individual examples the project has been divided up into tracks

based upon techniques used as to provided maximum examples to learn from.
Included at the end of the project after its strict end point are the two samples in their original form and unedited for reference purposes. These are track 1 and 2 respectively. track 3 onwards are labeled with the track type and a shorthand of the effects or technique applied.

Colour organisation is as follows:

  • Purple vocal sample and alternative edits

  • Orange drums and percussion elements synth and or sample

  • Brown synth bass

  • Light Blue chord based synths

  • Golden melody based synths

  • Aqua white noise sweep effect

All mixer track release in name a colour to the playlist also.

The objective of this project is to assist with the completion of the outline brief where by a student is to create a technology based composition, This composition is focused around two samples provided with the brief (Samples for the brief are not contained within the project).

Task List:

  • Each sample must appear in its entirety during the composition

  • An element of synthesis is required

  • Use of creative effects is required

  • Automation and or real time control is required

  • Samples or loops must be manipulated in multiple ways

  • You must document how sample have been manipulated