Preparing for the AS Music Technology Exam

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In this revision session, we are going to do an overview of the areas of study that may come up in the exam. Understanding the content and structure of the exam is going to be vital to the successful completion of this unit.

  • As a mock exam, I have given my students the 2013 AS Music Technology exam to complete and mark for themselves. (This exam has the relevant Section B criteria) – This exam can be found here



  • Click on the link to view a list of common AS Music Technology Exam Questions that have come up in past papers, I have also referenced how many marks each one could be worth. Familiarise yourself with the format and the subject knowledge needed to complete the questions – Common Exam Questions


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  1. Some really great resources here but isn’t the 2012 paper covering the wrong special focus styles for this year? (Or am I missing something?)

    1. Author

      Thank you for reporting this and sorry for the confusion. You are completely correct the 2013 paper is the one with the relevant section B styles for 2017 (Hip Hop and Rap, Rock n roll). This has now been updated.

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