Preparing for the A2 Music Technology Exam

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In this revision session, we are going to do an overview of the areas of study that may come up in the exam. Understanding the content and structure of the exam is going to be vital to the successful completion of this unit.


This exam can be seen as a development / consolidation of  your coursework and AS exam. You will be asked questions regarding the music production process and expected to complete a few of these processes during the exam to demonstrate your understand and ability to problem solve / work under pressure.


Another big focus in this exam is the ‘Question 4’ essay, which gives you the opportunity to talk deeper about an area of development within the music technology spectrum (you will get a choice of two questions to answer from).



Analysing and Production Exam Structure:

lasts for 2 hours and is worth a total of 80 marks.


Students will demonstrate their knowledge of music and the principles of music technology through a series of written commentaries, manipulations and production tasks. The exam is broken up into 5 questions, I have given a rough guide as to what to expect in each question below:


Question 1: Music performance terminology, music and general Music Technology theory. Listening for rhythm and / or pitch mistakes (13 Marks)


Question 2: Music Technology theory and first practical editing task (18 Marks)


Question 3: Practical audio and midi editing and mixing tasks (15 marks)


Question 4: The history and development of music technology essay question (16 marks)


Question 5: Mix, sequence and bounce down your full sequenced performance as required by the brief description (18 marks)


In this next video, the guys over at ‘Music Tech Guru’ demonstrate how to complete the A2 Music Tech Exam and guide you through the thought processes to make full use of your time.



Things to do before you get into some heavy revision. You need to establish where you are and what you need to do to give yourself the best possible chances of success.

  • The best way of establishing where you are, is to complete a mock exam and then mark it for yourself. A good exam to start with would be the 2012 or 2013 paper – Can be downloaded from here


After marking this exam download, check and complete the following revision helpsheets (A few of these are the same as I use for my AS students, mostly relevant just ignore the focused styles references)

Throughout the revision process, write clear notes and try to focus on gaining a broader understanding of all aspects, not just the one you are comfortable with.