Overhead Drum Microphones Production Help Sheet

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Recording Overhead Drum Microphones

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Recording & Mixing


Recording Information

Recording Level: Control and monitor levels high but between -12db to -4db avoiding any clipping
Mic Used:  AKG C1000’s (Stereo Pair) and an AKG C414
Mic Type: 2X AKG C1000’s Condenser Microphone, 1X AKG C414 Large diaphragm condenser Microphone
Polar Pattern: Cardioid
Mic Placement:  Use a stereo pair of microphones, positioned above the cymbals use the 3 to 1 rule which = 1m above cymbals for overhead microphones and 3m away for the ambient microphone
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Mic Position and Capture:

recording and mixing overhead drum microphones
[/one_half_last] [stylebox] Considerations:  Positioning is key for these microphones to obtain the best recording results [/stylebox]
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Mixing Overhead Drum Microphones


Insert Effects

compression recipes Ambient drum compression starting point
Threshold: adjust for about 3-6dB gain reduction
Ratio: 3:1
Knee: Hard
Attack: 1.1ms
Make up gain:+5db to +10db

compression settings for overhead drum microphones

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EQ recipes Ambient Drum EQ Starting point:
Start here for brighter cymbals and clean balanced tone
Band 1: 40Hz high pass
Band 2: -5dB at 100hz to 200Hz
Band 3:+1db to +2dB at 5.0kHzEQ settings for overhead drum microphones
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Send FX

[alertbox bgcolor=”#4d8a83″ bordercolor=”#345c57″ textcolor=”#ffffff”] Reverb: -13db [/alertbox]
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levels and panning of overhead drum microphones


[/one_sixth_last] [stylebox color=”blue”] Panning: Left Overhead microphone should be panned left about L65 Right Overhead microphone should be panned Right about R65 The Ambient Microphone should be panned to the centre [/stylebox]
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