Introduction to ESX24

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Sampling with EXS24

Lesson Overview

The EXS24 is the original sampler provided within Logic Pro, With a simple interface layout it is easy to navigate once understood and that will be covered in this section, Refer to the video multiple times if required.

The EXS24 layout is logical in that it follows a sensible workflow and representative single flow through the sampler itself.

Top left are the 3 ways in which ESX24 can relay midi information unto that samples loaded

Legato, Mono and Poly, Are the number of available voices and the unison active option. secondly to the furthest most left is the midi input section.

Next are global parameters, the sliders (Glide and Pitch) will vary dependant on the input settings of Legatto, Mono and Poly.

Moving to the right, to the section in grey, the signal flow continues now ESX24 knows its playback preferences first audio process comes into play and this section is the filter.

The EXS24 has a limited filter section with a singular High Pass and Band Pass option with 4 slope variations on the low pass. Standard filter parameters can be found as knob style controls above. Cut, Resonance, Drive and Key, Key being short for Key follow meaning how much the filter cut off will alter dependant on the musical keys triggered.


The filter section can be bypassed entirely by using the button labeled “off”. The button labeled “Fat” is a low end preservation setting designed for use with high resonance settings.

Moving to the right again we find the level settings, The slider represents the level of the audio triggered dependant on velocity triggered. (see video for explanation of split slider settings).

The knob adjacent to the slider is the overall volume of the ESX24 sampler output.

The middle section of the ESX24 is the modulation matrix which is extensive in the ESX24, Each individual module contains a Destination, Via and Source and is replicated 10 times. This allows for very complex and detailed modulation settings within an ESX24 Patch

The bottom sections of the ESX24 all backed with green are modulation sources and parameters.

there are 3 LFO’s available with reduced features on each. LFO 1 features an EG control allowing the FLO to fade in and out gently if desired (for example introducing tremolo).
ADSR 1 and 2 are set to specific sections. ADSR envelope 1 directly controls the filter response while ADSR envelope 2 controls the sample playback.