Introduction and Choosing Film Project

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Welcome to the introduction lesson where you will choose your film project and learn about the tools that we will be using. In this lesson we will focus on getting a firm grasp of the basics needed to operate the digital audio workstation, for this project we will be using Logic Pro 9.




  • View three film projects and get the students to choose one of them to do for this terms project¬†(See project files below)
  • An introduction to creating film music using technology (Watch above video)
  • Learning the layout of Logic Pro (open template folder)
  • Create multiple instrument tracks
  • Experiment with the various instrumental sounds that logic has to offer
  • Record a live MIDI instrument part
  • Edit the recorded MIDI instrument part in the piano roll – Snap to grid, make notes longer and shorter, change the pitch and finally change the instrument sound
  • Extension Work:¬†Create a percussive track to help guide the tempo needed for the film, Be aware that you may have to change the tempo of the ‘Logic project’ to get the correct feel for the trailer


Project Files:




Discuss and reflect on what you have learnt this lesson, play what you have done so far to your peers and get feedback where needed