Setting Up The Studio – Microphones

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  • Set up the microphones to be used in your broadcast

You’ll need:

  • Presenters’ Microphone (1 or 2)
  • XLR Cables/Mic Stands


Plugging in:

Firstly you’ll want to set up your environment. Be sure to place everything where you want it, so that whoever is operating the equipment can see everyone for cues – even if you are scripted! Being able to see everyone, or for at least the producer to be able to see the presenters will keep the show real (rather than sounding like you’re following a script!), you’ll be able to make eye contact, have a laugh and engage with all members of the radio crew!



For your radio show it’ll be best to use condenser mics, these will capture the presenter talking near and far from the mic (& also if they are a soft speaker too!). However, these can be expensive so if you only have access to a dymanic SM58 (for example), these will also work, just not as efficiently.

The microphone you use should also have some form of pop-shield on it to prevent plosives during broadcast. These can be ones like those you’d place in front of a Vocalists mic when studio recording, or a foam cover that goes around the microphone’s parameter itself.


Microphone Placement:

Presenters’ microphones should be placed on axis to their mouths, and should be easily moveable without needing to touch the microphone itself. The easiest way is to place it on an adjustable microphone arm, however understandably not everyone has access to these – as they can become quite expensive.

Using a normal instrument microphone stand place it in front of the presenters work area, adjust it to the height of the presenter so that the microphone is placed with the cone in front of the mouth; ensuring that the mic will not be hit or knocked during broadcast (This could cause clips!).


Task: (15 Minutes)

  • Set up your Microphones

Use 2 Presenter Microphones, set them up and ensure placement is correct.


Read on to the next section for Mixer set-up!