ES2 Overview

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Synthesis with ES2

Lesson Overview

The ES2 synth in logic pro is one of the more powerful of the E suite of plugins. The E synths go back to the E Magic days before Logic pro hence they all beginning with E. ES2 is simply “Emagic Synthesiser 2”.
The layout of the ES2 can appear confusing, However its layout is great and follows a sensible workflow and signal flow.
Our oscillators are located to the top left of the plugin where there are 3 that are able to alternate between a good amount of generic wave shapes and more.
Each is outlined by the grey backing shaped like a bullet. On the second OSC there is a triangular area that allows a custom mix between all the oscillators, this XY style control is our way to balance the levels and output of each, it also allow for audio morphing abilities.

The central section of the ES2 plugin is defined by a circular set of knobs, this area is your filter, it contains some complex filter sets and distortion sets too, this will be covered further in a filter section video.

Furthest right is the output section, this also contains some effects like distortion and will be explained further on in the videos.

The modulation section breaks apart the plugin GUI, This is the same modulation network as found on the EXS24 as will not be covered as it is covered in the ESX24 videos series.

The third and most bottom section contains our 2 LFO’s and 3 envelopes, 1 AD and 2 with ADSR functionality with ENV3 being directly linked to velocity output.