Download and install Ableton

In by phoenixgreen

Ableton Live is a good choice for people starting out in music production for a few reasons. Firstly and probably the most important reason, is because of the extensive trial version. After downloading the trial version, you can instal it and use it unrestricted for 30 days, after this point you can continue to explore the software but will not be able to save your work. This is fantastic as the software, in most cases will take you longer than 30 days to get a good grasp of it.

The second reason is that Ableton works on both Windows PC and Mac computers with relatively low-performance capabilities.

The final reason that I believe this is a good option for beginners is due to its creative and performance capabilities. This software is made for people that want to be players rather than just programmes of music. The flexibility¬†of Ableton’s performance tools are more superior than most other music production environments.


What we will be covering in this lesson:

  • Downloading Ableton Live (suite 9)
  • Installing Ableton
  • Downloading the extension packs
  • Installing extension packs
  • Setting up your Ableton Environment
  • A look around the interface and where things can be found