Component 3 Practice Paper – I Feel It Coming

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Component 3 - Listening and Analysing - Practice Papers

What’s in the paper?

The aim of these question papers are to give you regular listening and analysing practice, the recommendation is 1 paper a week over 10 to 15 weeks, on the lead to your exam. Each paper consists of several different songs for you to listen to and answer questions on. Just like in the actual Component 3 – Listening and Analysing Exam you will get relevant questions for both sections A and Sections B.

  • Section A – 4 Questions (40marks)
  • Song 1 – The Weekend : I Feel it Coming
  • Song 2 – Genesis : Dancing with the Moonlit Knight
  • Song 3 – Dexy’s Midnight Runners : Come on Eileen
  • Song 4 – Andrew Lloyd Webber :Paganini Caprice in A minor variations

  • Section B – 2 Question (35marks)
  • Song 5 Compare and Analyse 2 versions of – Umbrella
  • Song 6 Sampling Development question – The Human League : Mirror Man