Alchemy Overview

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Sound Design With Alchemy

Lesson Overview

Alchemy is a complex synth that presents itself in a simple way. Its primary and flagship function is sample based re-synthesis. This means Alchemy can take a sound and re-create it using analysis and additive synthesis.

It also supports common subtractive synthesis types as well as sampling and spectrum based synthesis.

By default Alchemy will open to the “browse” window and this is a filter section to organise an extensive patch library for Alchemy. (Note you may need to download the additional content required for Alchemy patches)

There are 3 main windows in Alchemy, Browse, Simple and Advance. Browse and Simple share very similar functionality with the only alteration being the patch selection menu changing for the simple window. This is useful once a patch has been selected and browsing is no longer required, but there is no intention in altering the patch further.

In the browse and Simple views, 8 squares are visible to the left side and these allow morphing between different setups of the same patch allowing multiple parameters to be manipulated at once.

  • Task

    Load a patch and move the selection between different areas of the morphing selection area to hear how vastly a sound can be altered.

The Advanced tab is where all the features of Alchemy open up and the windows you will need to design your own patch. While it can seem overwhelming at first many of the features are duplicated so once you understand the routing and layout its very easy to quickly navigate.

  • Task

    Refer to the video from 00:04:00 and become familiar with the concept of alchemy duplicated layout on its “main page” as well as the deeper control available in the A,B,C and D oscillator sections.

Some of the settings displayed in the main window do carry over to the oscillator specific windows but many are only accessible from their dedicated sections.

It's useful to note that in each dedicated section there is a filter that applies to that specific oscillator while only one of the main window affects all oscillators.

The modulation matrix changes dependant on the last selected parameter of Alchemy which will be highlighted in blue and its modulation amount is represented by an orange outline. Note the “Master” Vol knob by default has an orange outline signifying its like to modulation, By default this is velocity.