A Level Component 2 – Instruction (2018-19)

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A Level Music Technology Component 2 Technology-based composition 2018-19

Technology-based composition - Instructions

Create a technology-based composition using one of the three briefs provided. The technology-based composition must be 3 minutes long

The technology-based composition must contain at least six parts. Any combination of vocal, instrumental and sample-based parts is acceptable.

You must use the following sound design methods in creating your instrumental parts:

  • synthesis
  • sampling/audio manipulation
  • creative effects
  • automation and real-time control.

In addition, you may also use any combination of:

  • MIDI-controlled virtual instruments
  • live recorded audio.

Samples and loops must be manipulated in order to gain credit.

Your logbook must detail all of your original sound design: synthesis, sampling and creative effects. The source of any samples that you have used must be credited in your logbook.

You must produce a high quality stereo recording of your technology-based composition that pays attention to all aspects of production – capture, balance, blend, EQ, dynamics, stereo field and effects.

You must submit your recording digitally in the format detailed in the administrative support guide, found on the Pearson website. All assessment materials must be sent to the examiner to arrive by 15 May.

Project Brief

Technology-based composition brief 3

Idioms and colloquial phrases

The English language uses a huge range of sayings and phrases to describe everyday situations or feelings, such as ‘straight from the horse’s mouth’ or ‘what goes around comes around’. Often these phrases are associated with a particular region, or come from further afield in other English-speaking countries.

Create an original composition that makes use of a minimum of six samples of idioms or colloquial phrases.

Your composition must be 3 minutes long.

You may use one or more of the following approaches:

  • Short samples of individual phrases
  • Spoken text or lyrics developed from the chosen phrases
  • Feature phrases associated with a particular region
  • Feature phrases associated with literary figures such as Shakespeare or Oscar Wilde.