Deep House Basslines

Creating a Deep House Bassline

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Whilst doing my research and development for the current Task 1C project I came across this fantastic tutorial that demonstrates the process for creating and developing a bassline in the deep house style. This tutorial uses Ableton Live but all the skills learnt here are fully transferable.

This post will attempt to identify 7 common bassline patterns, progressions and techniques used in Deep-House. So, whether you’re looking to learn some new tips and tricks or you just can’t find your inspiration for your next track, we hope this will be a useful read, but be aware, it is a long one!


  1. The “Bam-Bam-Bam” in the second bar
  2. The UK’s Favorite
  3. The Ten Walls Bassline
  4. The Classic Deep House Pattern
  5. The Simple 4-notes Bassline
  6. The 2-notes Deep Tribal Bassline
  7. The Double On Beat Bassline

We’ll use Ableton Live 9 as our workstation, but you can follow this with any DAW. Most of the bassline sounds are coming from the Massive and Sylenth1 VSTs. We’ll show how to create not just the bassline pattern, but also how to write the entire midi sequence. We could just give you the .midi files, but there’s a greater chance of learning something from this post. Just make sure to pay attention to the Ableton grid settings in the right corner of every image. Also, if you have any questions or suggestions just get in touch with us at! And a final note, don’t take this post too seriously. Okay then, let’s start.


Deep House Basslines

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