Vacancy - We have a position opening for a freelance music technology resource provider

If you have a passion for music technology in education and would like to join our team, we are currently looking for an experienced teacher of music technology to create presentations and lesson plans for our forthcoming AS and A Level schemes of work. The project terms, conditions and deadlines can be negotiated to suit your needs. We will aim to provide applicants with at least 1 project a month (or less if required).

Closing Date: Closed

Start Date: mid August, 2018

The candidate must have experience in the following areas:

  • Teaching Music Technology
  • Creating well designed, exciting and interactive presentations
  • Writing lesson plans that link with the presentation
  • A good understanding and knowledge of the following topics and areas of study:
    • Recording and microphones
    • Mixing and Mastering
    • Synthesis
    • Sampling and Digital Audio Theory
    • Dynamic and Effects Processing
    • Sound Design
    • Composition and Arranging
    • Music Theory

Expectations: (From this point forward the term ‘article’ will be used to refer to an individual piece of content.)

Each article that you provide for should consist of the following elements:

  • Full lesson plan - for a 1-hour lesson
  • Presentation - That is linked to the lesson plan and includes all necessary information, resources, links, worksheets, and activities for a teacher to complete the lesson. All presentations/lesson plans should include listening tasks to help demonstrate the focus of the lesson. Deliver the presentation as either a Powerpoint document or Apple Slides document. All presentations must also be exported as a PDF version

How you get paid:

All payments are processed through, on being hired we will ask you to provide your PayPal email address, for legal and tax reasons the PayPal account must be registered to you and not a third party. All payments will be processed at the end of each project. Projects will normally be a maximum of 10 articles.

Your contribution to will be as a self employed freelancing professional working on individual assignments and projects to pre-discussed and assigned project agreements. All projects must be completed by the date as outline in each project agreement. All articles / projects that you complete for us will be for the sole use and licence of and are not permitted to be publish or distribute outside of this location.

Starting out you will receive our standard £15 per article payment (£150 per project). Article payments increase to £20 per article after the first project has been successfully completed.

To Apply for this position, please submit the following:

  • A completed lesson plan, using the , ‘Lesson Plan Template’ above
  • A full presentation that is linked to the submitted lesson plan. Presentations need to be submitted as powerpoint or Apple Slides presentations. Also please supply a PDF version of this presentation
  • These files should be put together and compressed as a .zip file
  • To transfer large files you might find it useful to use or google drive

The above submission will be used to assess your suitability for this position, please rest assured that we will not publish any of your content without first seeking and gaining your approval.

Submit your application for this position using this email >>>

Thank you for taking the time to complete your application and we look forward to receiving your submission for this position.