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Task 3C Composing using technology

Edexcel Coursework Tasks

Task 3C Composing using technology

Author: Ken Cameron 12 Lessons 120 minutes

The Art of Composition: Learn the skills needed to complete this music production brief. Carefully break down each element of the project to sculpt your final masterpiece.

In this course we will demonstrate a variety of approaches to help you complete your Task 3C coursework. The emphasis is on using and developing the skills learnt over the past two year. We will also be experimenting with the more advanced aspects of music production to help you achieve the creative aspects of this brief.

The focus will be on Task 3C 2014 – 15 specification ‘Composition Brief 2: The Long Walk to Freedom’. This course has been created to aid you in your composition skills and workflow, it will in no way substitute your hard work and effort when trying to gain the highest marks for this task.

Course details

Requirements: Logic Pro X
Difficulty: Intermediate
Prior Knowledge: A basic understanding of how to read music would be beneficial and an understanding of basic music production
Time: Approximately 30 minutes per lesson