Task 1C Arranging Happy with Rock n Roll

Task 1C Rock n Roll Course

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Task 1C Rock n Roll - Happy Edexcel AS Music Technology Unit 1

Edexcel Coursework Tasks

Arranging Task 1C – Rock n Roll

Author: Malcolm Escott 11 Lessons 180 minutes

Arranging with function: Learn the skills needed to complete this music production and arranging task. Carefully work through each tutorial to gain critical techniques for making your combinations work.

In this course, Mr Escott takes you through the processes for creating your Task 1C project. This course focuses on Rock n Roll with the song ‘Happy.’ The sequencer used in these demonstrations is Cubase but the techniques discussed are transferable across all common sequencer packages.

Mr Escott is an experience music technology practitioner who has participated in the Edexcel examination process. His knowledge of the Task 1C coursework and mark scheme is thorough as he walks you through every aspect of this piece of coursework and how to obtain some of those sort-after marks.

It is important to say that this course is not a substitute for your own hard work through listening, research and experimentation but will give you a good starting point from which to build on.

Course details

Requirements: A Suitable DAW e.g. Cubase, Logic Pro X
Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate
Prior Knowledge: A basic understanding of how to read music, analyse music and use your production software would be beneficial
Time: Approximately 60 minutes per lesson