Hip Hop and Rap focused style course

Hip Hop and Rap music focused styles course

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Hip Hop and Rap music Focused Styles course Edexcel AS Exam

Focused Style

Hip Hop & Rap Music

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Learn, Explore and Discover: This course is designed to give you an insight into the development of Hip Hop and Rap music. This course is suitable for students and teachers of the Edexcel A Level Music Technology syllabus  2016 -17.

Discover the history and development of Hip Hop and Rap Music

In this course, we will be looking at the development of these unique styles of music and discussing some of the key artists, record labels, technologies and features of the music.

Course details

Requirements: AS Music Technology Studies
Difficulty: Beginner
Included Media: Revision Cards, Quiz, Short Essay Question, Documentaries, Artist reviews, Biographies, Songs, Genre Review + much much more …
Time: Approximately 50 minutes per lesson