Absolute Beginner Piano Lessons

Absolute Beginner Piano

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The Absolute Beginner Piano Course

Instrumental Skills

Absolute Beginner Piano

Author: Ken Cameron 16 Lessons Interactive Media

A Musical Future begins with an instrument: This course is designed to give beginners a good foundation to develop their skills upon. The Absolute beginner piano course is made up of short lessons that have interactive notation, audio, and written descriptions to help you progress with this amazing instrument.

The Absolute Beginners Piano Course:

In this course, we will be looking at developing instrumental and music theory skills. The piano is the cornerstone for most digital musicians and producers due to its versitile nature to reproduce a wide range of musical timbres and effects.

Course details

Requirements: Must have a piano / keyboard to practice on
Difficulty: Beginner
Included Media: Interactive notation and audio
Time: Approximately 20 minutes per lesson