Component 4 Producing and Analysing Headphones and sequencer

Component 4 Producing and Analysing – Understanding the content

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Component 4 – Structure and content

In this post, we look at the content for Component 4 – Producing and Analysing exam. We feel that it’s vital for students to understand the structure of an exam and its content, so they feel more comfortable with what to expect. Improving their time management is also an aspect that leads to greater success, by preparing this way, they will be more prepared for how to organise their time for each question.

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Area of study 1 – Recording & Production Techniques
  • Area of study 2 – Principles of Sound and Audio Technology
  • Area of study 3 – The development of recording and production technology
  • History and Development

Questions 1 to 4 – Practical Application

  • Introduction – Setting up and making sure everything works
  • Comment – Comment on the music production tools and techniques used to capture sounds including musical instruments
  • Create – Use music production tools and techniques to create new sounds
  • Processing – Use processing techniques to edit, correct and process audio and MIDI tracks
  • Identify – Use aural discrimination to identify and evaluate music technology elements in unfamiliar works and to refine recordings
  • Understanding Data – Make informed decisions about equipment by analysing and interpreting a range of data, graphical representations and diagrams, for example relating to frequency response, microphone polar patterns and dynamic response
  • Context – Apply technical numeracy to make calculations within the context of music technology.
  • Musical Language – Apply musical elements and language, for example: structure, timbre, texture, tempo and rhythm, melody, harmony, tonality and dynamics within the context of a music technology production

Question 5 – The Mix

Sonic Quality – Use processing techniques effectively to produce a final, balanced mix

Question 6 – Extended Open Response

The Essay – Write an extended open response question focusing on a specific recording or mixing scenario, signal path, effect or music technology hardware unit.

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