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Getting ready for Component 3 – Listening and Analysing

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Explore component 3 – Listening and Analysing

When it comes to exams there is no such thing as being over prepared and one of the top pieces of advice I give to my students is to complete practice papers and then mark them for yourselves. By doing this you soon become familiar with how the paper is set out, structured and the kinds of questions you could get asked. More importantly, you will know how to answer the common questions to get full marks for your responce.

In this series of video revision sessions, we look at the individual questions and how to prepare yourself for what’s to come.

Question 1

This question is mainly made up of short answer questions that can be simple to answer but be careful and read the question fully and do your listening before answering.

Question 2

Question 2 looks at both short answer and long answer questions and starts to ramp up the difficulty level of the content.

Question 3

In question 3 we discover that the history and development of music technology is going to be a big part of the exam.

Question 4

This question is the last one for section A and the content, like all previous questions, can be taken from all areas of the A Level Music Technology specification.

Question 5

The first of the section B questions is a comparison question that requires you to listen to two songs, normally with the same title, from different artists. This is the first essay based question for this exam.

Question 6

The final question of Component 3 Listening and Analysing is also an essay based question that requires you to listen and consider the wider musical context of a song.

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