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Component 1 Recording – Don’t use percussion

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In this session, we’ll discuss the frequently asked question of “which percussion can I use?” for my A-Level Music Technology Component 1 Recording task.

To make the rules around this issue clearer we will take a look at the kinds of percussion you can’t use and how it would affect your grade if you choose to go ahead and add percussion to your recording.

The Assessment Grid

Below I have included the assessment grids that this issue will most affect. Although 8 marks don’t seem a lot it can be the difference between getting the grade you want or not getting it.



  1. I’ll refrain from comment about the rules on percussion, as the ‘reasoning’ behind the decision is at best interesting. However, the rules on additional tracks such as guitars and backing vocals and the timings of these are very complex when put into the real world of a multitrack recording.

    How do people deal with it and still make a dynamic and interesting piece?

    1. Author

      Hi, Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I completely agree. As a teacher, our job is to make sure the students get as real an experience as possible but with these compromises, this can sometimes be difficult.

      I would also be interested to hear how other teachers deal with these issues.

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