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Component 1 Recording – Backup Backup and Backup

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To reduce risk and to preempt the likelihood that something will go wrong during the academic year, I believe that it is wise to create a backup of all of the students Component 1 projects directly after the main recording sessions have been completed. This, of course, can take time to check and copy onto an external drive or private network, but the benefits can massively outway this if a worst-case scenario occurs.

In the past, it has been necessary for me to use these backup files to check the sincerity of a students accusation or because a student has deleted whole instrument parts or sections from their work. In both cases, it was easier to verify from the back up than it would have been to untangle from the current position of the project.

During the academic year I complete 3 backups:

  • Backup 1: Directly after the main recording sessions in October
  • Backup 2: Towards the end of the mixing stages (December – January time)
  • Backup 3: Before the project gets sent off ( End of April – Beginning of May)

This may seem a little over the top, but trust me if something goes wrong, you’ll be thankful for the backups.

Backup your component 1 recording
Backup your component 1 Recording

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