Component 1 recording Logbook

Completing the Logbook for Component 1 – Recording

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Filling in and
sending off your logbook

Submitting the logbook

In this article, we take a brief look at how to fill in and complete the Component 1 – Recording logbook before your work gets sent off to the A Level Music Technology examiner.

All of your work including the logbook needs to get to the examiner by May 15th. I always get my students to complete and hand in their work in the first few days of May, this is so I have enough time to check, estimate a grade and package all work correctly.


Submitting Component 1 Project files

The project files need to be sent on a separate data CD or DVD. There is no reference in the Administrative Support Guide (page 15) that permits the use of USB drives.

Logbook Attachments

Currently, you are not permitted to include attachments of screenshots to the logbook.

When does the logbook need to be submitted by?

All work for components 1 and 2 must be to the examiner by May 15th

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