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Component 1 Recording – Backup Backup and Backup

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To reduce risk and to preempt the likelihood that something will go wrong during the academic year, I believe that it is wise to create a backup of all of the students Component 1 projects directly after the main recording sessions have been completed. This, of course, can take time to check and copy onto an external drive or private network, but the benefits can massively outway this if a worst-case scenario occurs.

In the past, it has been necessary for me to use these backup files to check the sincerity of a students accusation or because a student has deleted whole instrument parts or sections from their work. In both cases, it was easier to verify from the back up than it would have been to untangle from the current position of their project.

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Component 1 Recording – Don’t use percussion

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In this session, we’ll discuss the frequently asked question of which percussion can I use for my A-Level Music Technology Component 1 Recording task.

To make the rules around this issue clearer we will take a look at the kinds of percussion you can’t use and how it would affect your grade if you choose to go ahead and add percussion to your recording.

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Component 1 Recording – Understanding the rules

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This week we look at the specification and rules regarding the recording process for Component 1. I think a lot of people will be conflicted with today’s video as it puts into scrutiny weather a centre should get their students to record the same song for all students or get each student to record a different song each.

After talking to the exam board, here are my thoughts and the process that I will be following this coming year.

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Component 1 Recording Timetable

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Quite often, I am asked the question “How do you go about planning and completing the A Level Music Technology Component 1 – Recording task?”

As an organisational challenge, this one is tough and my best answer is to try and get the bulk of the recordings completed as early as possible in yr13. Through bitter experience, I’ve found the longer I leave it, the more that can go wrong.

I aim to get the bulk of the recording completed in one block with semi profession musicians, and I usually get the students to all record the same song which streamlines the whole process. In this post I have outlined my timeline.

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AS Component 1 – Recording Task

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It’s time to choose your song for your AS Music Technology Component 1 Recording project.

Produce a stereo mix of one song by one artist from the list of 10 that meets the instrumental requirements listed below. Your choice of song must be taken from a commercial studio recording on which the artist is credited. Let us know which songs you are thinking of doing in the comment section.

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Administrative Support Guide

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This might be a bit late in the day but with the A Level Music Technology deadline fast approaching it’s time to make sure we have everything appropriately prepared to hand to the examiner. At this point, it’s a good idea to check the A Level Music Technology administrative support guide to make sure you have completed the work to the suggested guidelines.

In this video, we take a look at this support guide and show you where to find it and where to look for this information you require. Finally, you need to keep in mind that this guide is updated each year in September.

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Completing the Logbook for Component 1 – Recording

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In this article, we take a brief look at how to fill in and complete the Component 1 – Recording logbook before your work gets sent off to the A Level Music Technology examiner.

All of your work including the logbook needs to get to the examiner by May 15th. I always get my students to complete and hand in their work in the first few days of May, this is so I have enough time to check, estimate a grade and package all work correctly.