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AS & A Level Music Technology Grade Boundaries

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Results day is here, and Firstly, I think it’s important we praise yourselves for all of your hard work and effort we’ve put into getting our students through their A-Level qualifications this year. Well done, everyone!

Every year it’s a mixed bag of grades ranging from expected to unexpected and I’m pretty sure this year is no different. On the following page, I’ve attached the A-Level and AS Music Technology grade boundaries to help you analyse how well each of your students did and how far into each grade boundary they are. This is a useful place to start if they are considering appealing their grade.

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Google Classroom for A-Level​ Music Technology

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The Google Classroom for A-Level Music Technology course is fast approaching completion. Due to a massive Google Classroom update in July 2019, the project got set back by a week, so that I could include these changes in the content and make sure that the information you receive is as up to date as possible.

Over the past few weeks, we have been inundated with requests to get early access so that you can start building your classrooms. I’m happy to announce that although this course is not yet complete I’m giving you guys early access to review the course and start creating your own classrooms.

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The 5 Pillars of Assessment

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I’ve got some good news for all you guys interested in a full course demonstrating how to use Google Classroom for A Level Music Technology assessment and reporting. Starting next week, we will be building the first of two courses to get you up ran running with this fantastic platform.

In this video broadcast, we set out our aims and goals for this project, focusing on the five pillars of assessment – Data, Progress, Reporting, Analysis and Consistency.

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Better Assessment and Reporting

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Are you interested in a course that demonstrates how to use Google Classroom in context with A Level Music Technology?

For the past two years, I’ve been exploring Google Classrooms to facilitate all of my student assessment, reporting and recording of data and have found it fast and efficient. But to be fair, there are a few workflow issues that you need to get your head around to truly understand how this software can fulfil all areas of this process.

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AS Component 1 – Recording Task

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It’s time to choose your song for your AS Music Technology Component 1 Recording project.

Produce a stereo mix of one song by one artist from the list of 10 that meets the instrumental requirements listed below. Your choice of song must be taken from a commercial studio recording on which the artist is credited. Let us know which songs you are thinking of doing in the comment section.

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Component 3 – Understanding the content

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In this, A Level Music Technology Component 3 Listening and Analysing Revision Session we are going to look at preparing for your exam and the content that will come up.

The areas of study that we look at include:
Area of study 1 – Recording and Production Techniques; Area of study 2 – Principles of sound and audio technology; Area of study 3 – The development of recording and production technologies; The history and development of music technology; and Listening genes for music technology

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Administrative Support Guide

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This might be a bit late in the day but with the A Level Music Technology deadline fast approaching it’s time to make sure we have everything appropriately prepared to hand to the examiner. At this point, it’s a good idea to check the A Level Music Technology administrative support guide to make sure you have completed the work to the suggested guidelines.

In this video, we take a look at this support guide and show you where to find it and where to look for this information you require. Finally, you need to keep in mind that this guide is updated each year in September.