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AS Coursework Component 1 - Recording

Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Music Technology (8MT0/01). non-examined assessment (NEA)



Recording, Mixing & Mastering Courses

Discover our step by sep guides for learning the skills needed to record, mix and master your component 1 project.

Component 1 Resources, Activities and worksheets

Component 1 - Recording, Mixing and Mastering Courses
Component 1 - Lead sheets and Project Templates

AS Coursework Component 2 - Technology-based Composition

Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Advanced Subsidiary GCE in Music Technology (8MT0/02). non-examined assessment (NEA)



Technology-based Composition Courses

Learn the skills needed to compose the music for your Component 2 project. In these courses you will be introduced to the 5 key elements for music and their creative uses when combined with computer based technologies and techniques.

Component 2 Resources, Activities and worksheets

AS Music Technology NEA 2018 – 19 Component 2 – Technology-based Composition - Dubstep
AS Component 2 - Technology Based Composition Course
Sampling with EXS24
Synthesis with ES2
Sound design with Alchemy
Drum Design with Ultrabeat
Creative Effects Processing - Delay
Creative Effects Processing - Reverb
Creative Effects Processing - Dynamic Processing

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Component 3
Listening and Analysing Exam Practice Question
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Component 4
Producing and Analysing Exam Practice Papers
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AS Music Technology

Step by step learning paths and study areas for you to discover and explore the world of music and audio production. AS Music Technology 2017 Specification