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Getting Started With Ableton Live

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It’s now time to start thinking about alternative audio production software for the A Level Music Technology course, over the past 20 years music production has been dominated by three main DAWs Pro-tools, Cubase and Logic Pro. In recent research taken by musictechstudent.co.uk there was real evidence that teachers and students had started to want and need more. A different approach is needed.

Ableton-Live make_music

Ableton Live and FLstudio have never really been taken seriously as viable DAWs, a lot of this comes from the unconventional workflows of the software. One of the good thing about these pieces of software is, once you’ve learnt how to use them, they are really good at quickly establishing and generating musical ideas. For arrangement and developing musical ideas you can’t beat Ableton Live’s session view.

Ableton Live session view

In these video tutorials we look at getting up and running with Ableton Live. Download the demo for Ableton Live 9 Suite, and lets get started. https://www.ableton.com/en/trial/

Ableton Live Arrange window


Learning Ableton Live 9

Live 9 Tutorial Part 1: Audio Interface Setup


Ableton Live 9 Tutorial Part 2: MIDI Controller Setup


Ableton Live 9 Tutorial Part 3: Recording Audio


Ableton Live 9 Tutorial Part 4: Making Beats and Melodies


Ableton Live 9 Tutorial Part 5: Session View


Ableton Live 9 Tutorial Part 6: Arrangement View


Ableton Live 9 Tutorial Part 7: Exporting Audio


Ableton Live Tutorial Part 8: Optimizing Your Audio Interface Setup

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