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10 Reasons to use Ableton Live

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It’s always a difficult decision to start using a new DAW (digital audio workstation), especially when you and your students have become so comfortable and familiar with the one you are using. Three years ago my school made the inevitable move from Cubase to Logic Pro, at a time when the benefits seemed to be considerable.


Moving from Cubase to Logic Pro has definitely had it’s up sides, including:

  1. Using an expensive imac compared to the bog standard budget PC’s that are given to all departments
  2. The exclusion of below standard networking solutions that don’t work for audio and video production work


In truth the difference between Logic Pro and Cubase is minimal, both giving you massive amounts of audio power and processing flexibility. However Logic Pro is slightly more user friendly for my students.


So why do I think Ableton Live could be a real game changer for Music / Music Production in education, here are my 10 reasons:


  1. Ableton Push – The first controller / instrument that works seamlessly with the software for the ultimate in music creation experiences. Minimal setup, plug and play, it just works!
  2. Scene Mode – Create musical idea snippets, from drums, chords, melodies all ready to use and experiment with.
  3. Arrange Mode – Combine your clips in any order or just use this mode as a conventional sequencing window
  4. A massive Library of sounds – Like all DAW’s Ableton Live has thousands of presets and samples to use
  5. Audio to MIDI – Convert your audio clips / ideas using the three modes of conversion, Drums, Melody and Harmony (best converters I have ever used)
  6. Max for Live – Extend your library or just create something new. Learn the ins and outs of how music software works without ever leaving the DAW.
  7. Composing – Create musical clipboards like never before. How many times have you asked your students to develop their musical ideas and two weeks later they hand you back the same composition. Ableton has no limits to the combinations you can develop and arrange, all done in a non destructive way.
  8. Performance – A large majority of my students doing GCSE music don’t play an instrument, Push and Ableton Live will give these students the chance to perform at a higher level alongside some of the more higher achievers / graded instrumentalists
  9. Flexible workflow
  10. Quality of end product


Check out the keynote event for the release of Ableton Live and the Push controller / instrument

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